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About Calculators for Chemists

Calculators for Chemists were set up as calculators of course but also for the following didactical reasons:

Calculators for Chemists work this way:

  1. the known quantities are entered leaving one field blank
  2. the significant digits in these quantities are counted
  3. the unknown quantity is calculated
  4. the unknown quantity is presented with as many significant digits as in the least count of significant digits in the known quantities

Calculations with measured quantities are not exact. The sign of equality is conventionally used although both sides of it are not equal, mathematically speaking. Calculation with one significant digit as an example gives 2 * 5 = 3 * 3 and this may seem a bit odd if the concept of significant digits are not fully understood. The Significant Digits Counter explains the rules used when the significant digits are counted.

An important part of this work has been the development of the Java Script that counts the significant digits in the known quantities and formats the results of the calculations with a given number of significant digits. It may be downloaded and used in other applications of a similar kind.

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